Author: Beverly Olson

10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Wi-Fi

Your wireless Internet connection can be used for so much more than just surfing the web and checking email. Here are 10 creative uses for Wi-Fi that you probably haven’t considered.

Stream Video from Your Computer to Your Smart TV

Use a media server like Google Media Server Widget for Windows, Windows Media Center, or XMBC to easily stream videos over Wi-Fi from your connected computer or laptop to your HTPC-enabled television set.

Download Photos from Your Digital Camera Wirelessly

Wireless SD cards connect directly to your network, allowing you to transfer photos to your computer without having to take the memory card out of your digital camera. Wireless SD cards are also great for instantly sharing photos on social media sites and online photo albums.

Forward Smartphone Notifications to Your PC

If you have an Android smartphone, you can use Android notifier to send call, text, and battery notifications to your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC.

Print Remotely

If your printer is connected to the same network as your smartphone, you can print files from your phone wirelessly using a cloud service like Dropbox. You can also turn your Wi-Fi connected printer as a standalone print server.

Use Your Smartphone as a Remote Control

Many devices come bundled with apps that allow them to be controlled with a mobile device. Simply connect your smartphone to the same network as your TV streaming box, wireless speakers or computers to control your devices remotely.

Control Your Desktop Computer Remotely

Access and share files between your desktop computer and your Wi-Fi-connected laptop. Both the Windows and OSX operating systems have built-in file sharing utilities to make sharing local files easier.

Sync Your Photo and Music Libraries Wirelessly

Say goodby to syncing cables and docks. Use Wi-Fi syncing to keep your music or photo library organized across all of your devices.

Access Your Smartphone’s SD Card

Awesome Drop, Dazzboard, and Wi-Fi File explorer are just a few of the many apps that can be used to wirelessly transfer files and other content from your Android smartphone’s SD card to your PC.

Stream Music to Any Room in Your Home

If you have Apple’s AirPort Express router, you can stream audio over your Wi-Fi network to your portable speakers or wireless music player.

Use Your Smartphone as a Wireless Router

Need to get some work done on the road but can’t find an open wireless network? Use your phone as a wireless router so you can connect your laptop to your mobile service provider’s 3G or 4G Internet service.