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Paid Phone Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Life

All of us have been in this confusing situation, stuck between tasks, appointments, activities, and work that we felt anxious, rushed and even stressed. Apparently, you too have been there? However, did you know that some Phone apps could help manage your life, build desirable habits, obtain reminders, track time and so much more? Here are some of the few.


This app has a remarkable reputation for managing shared projects. It is ideal for a family and even flexible individuals. It is versatile too as it helps you adapt to various purposes that need time tracking. You put listed cards which are arranged in columns, with every card representing specific dates, priority levels, or anything else that you need to organize. Then interpolate details on this organization schema. It is free, but an advanced one costs about $10- $21 per month.

Smarter Time

You must know how you spend your time if your life is well organized. Smarter Time, however, does this just for you, by automatically tracking your activities. From your previous working habits, it fills blanks when you haven’t done something. For example, if you are in a quick movement, it implies that maybe you went for a morning jog. After you feed the app with data, it commences remitting reports on how you are spending your time and what apps are wasting your time. Available for Android users, the app can help in reaching a customized goal after one changes their daily activities. It’s free, but an advanced one costs $3-$ 12 monthly.


A favorite tasking app it is, it is suitable for any platform providing an intuitive and bright interface with extra features. When you have tasks, the app lets you prioritize each assignment. Again if you have recurring chores like washing dishes, you may set up the do’s list to a regular basis schedule, and Todoist will remember it. It is free, but you can buy an upgraded version for $29 annually.

Habit List

Habit List purpose is to create a newer better version of you. Everything in this feature is based on helping you possess and develop better habits. It gently nudges you to do things. This app works after you marking down achieved goals on the calendar or scheduling repetitive habits. Then it reminds you of these tasks. The simplicity of the interface aids you in focusing. Each morning it will display a list that’s straightforward. Just at $5 up your habits today.

Why should you get rushed, stressed and that entire heck when you have all the life organizing apps at your fingertips. Precisely, your life will be more relaxed and most importantly organized with these. Download them today, and your life will be better than ever before.