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Free Phone Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Life.

In our modern society, you can’t avoid modern technology. Many of us have a busy life which has lots of activities that included; work, appointments and an ever growing to do list. With such activities, we need an app to help us organize our life. The following are free Phone Apps that will help you organize your life:

  1. Google Keep.

This is a note-keeping app that helps you keep your lists, scribbles and fragmented notes. Google keep also helps you organize your notes and label related entries with the same tag and color. Through the use of Google keep, you can store any kind of information using different formats such as lists, texts, voice memos, stylus-drawn scribbles, and images. The app is simple to use and doesn’t come with any complex features. It is not heavy on your phone memory hence can’t slow down your phone.

  1. Cortana.

All latest phones come with a digital helper. If you are using multiple devices or own a windows computer, you should try Cortana. Cortana can write lists, set task reminders and take notes. You can use certain to remind you of something, e.g., buy some fruits when you reach a particular store. Cortana also keeps you in touch with weather forecasts and breaking news.

  1. Trello.

You can use the Trello app to manage a shared project. You can use this app for family activities or work because it’s flexible and you can use it for any purpose which includes keeping track of anything you do. It can be used to create digital “cards” and arrange them into columns. You can use the columns to represent tasks, specific dates, priority levels, or anything you may want to arrange in your cards.

  1. Smarter Time.

For you to know how to organize your life you should see how you are spending your time. Using this app you can automatically track your activities. All you need to do is feed the up with your data, and it will give you reports on everything you do and how you waste most of your time. If you want to change your daily activities, all you need is to set customize goals, and the app will help you achieve them.