Top five highest rated computer gaming keyboards

To most people, a keyboard is just any other regular computer peripheral normally used for typing but to any high core gamer, it is a great addition to help them take their gaming skills a notch higher and help them take gain a competitive edge. Nowadays, thanks to technology, most gaming keyboards boast all the relevant bells and whistles which make choosing the right an uphill. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a compilation of the top five highest rated computer gaming keyboards.

  1. Corsair K95 RGB platinum

If you’re looking for a keyboard with super responsive keys, over the top quality and a highly ergonomic build then the Corsair K95 RGB platinum is a perfect fit for you. Even though it might break your budget, it is worth every cent. For instance, it has a USB pass through and a rubberized wrist pad which attaches to it magnetically. Switching sides is equally effortless which is an added advantage as it makes gaming easier. However, it lacks an audio jack.

  1. Razer Blackwidow Chroma

Even though plastic build might not impress you, there is no doubt that the features it packs will definitely win your heart. First things first, it prides itself on colorful illumination which sets the mood for gaming and what’s even more exciting is that you can customize these colors to suit your preference. Other useful features include USB and audio pass-through and highly responsive and programmable keys. However, the downside is that you might have to spend a little extra on it and if you don’t mind the plastic build then it is an incredible gaming keyboard to consider.

  1. Logitech G513

Logitech has a reputation for dishing out incredible gaming products and this keyboard is sufficient proof. Before we can even go into the details of its technical features, you will be impressed by its attractive yet professional design. As for the gaming features, it is compatible with a linear Cherry MX red switch making it the first among Logitech gaming keyboards that is compatible with a Cherry MX switch. Thus offers users more options. It also has an impressive wrist rest which makes it easy for you to maneuver your way on the keys as you play. However, it is still subject to flaws and in respect to that its serious downside is that it lacks dedicated media keys.

  1. Roccat Vucan 120 aimo

Chiming in at number four is this impressive product from Roccat Vucan. If you are more into mechanical games then this is the perfect fit for you as it boasts elevated swim keycaps which act as an advantage for you when you are playing a competitive game as they are highly responsive. This when coupled up with its tactile switches and striking designs make it one of the bestselling gaming keyboards in the market.

  1. SteelSeries Apex M800

Closing our list of the top five highest rated computer gaming keyboards is a product from SteelSeries. The company has a reputation for gifting users with highly programmable keyboards and products and you’ll be pleased to know that this one is not only customizable but also has an impressive design. You can customize its RGB illumination using over 16.8 million possible colors.

Final thoughts

A gaming keyboard adds life and convenience to your gaming world. Besides optimizing your gaming experience and making it easy to play against pros, a keyboard also makes life easier as you can control your music, movies and even switch between one television channel to another by just lifting a finger. You can also use it for typing as most gaming keyboards have highly responsive caps. That is why it is essential you purchase one that not only offers you value for your money but also has extra features.